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Dental Implants

Get back to your roots

As we age, and some of us drift further away from wherever it is that we came from, it becomes increasingly important to remember our roots. They keep us grounded, they remind us who we are and where we came from, and they play a vital role in all aspects of our lives (whether we want to admit it or not).

The same is true for your teeth. Each tooth and supporting tooth root is equally important in maintaining the health of your mouth and jaw. When one goes missing and is forgotten about, the entire system is compromised. That’s why replacing missing teeth is so incredibly important for your oral health, and dental implants are the gold standard in modern tooth replacement solutions.

Why replace missing teeth?

If you are one of many Denver residents suffering from a missing tooth or teeth, or a dental appliance or restoration that won’t stay put, Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry understands your frustration. What you probably don’t realize is the impact it could have on your oral health, and your facial/jawbone structure. Each tooth and tooth root plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity of your mouth and jaw, and when one is missing, the balance is disrupted, and further complications are sure to follow.


The fact of the matter is, when you let missing teeth remain missing, there are a number of serious implications. First, the surrounding teeth will begin to shift, move, or rotate. This not only affects the teeth directly surrounding the gap, but affects your teeth alignment, and your bite. When your teeth alignment and bite changes, you may experience abnormal wear and tear on your teeth or teeth grinding problems. When teeth are not properly aligned, they are also more difficult to keep clean, which can result in decay and increase your risk of gum disease.

Have you ever seen someone who is missing most or all of their teeth who has that “sunken face” appearance? This is common because without the support of the tooth root, the supporting bone structure and the jawbone begin to deteriorate, which is what causes this sunken appearance. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants is the only sure way to maintain the health and integrity of your mouth, jaw, and facial structure.


The benefits of replacing missing teeth obviously go far beyond your oral and overall health. The reality of the situation is that we live in a society where, as an adult, missing teeth are largely socially unacceptable. Even though most American adults will lose at least one tooth to decay, gum disease, or trauma in their lifetime, with the capabilities of modern dentistry, replacing them is fairly simple.

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, and can be an indicator of health, vitality, happiness, and success. If you are missing teeth, chances are your smile is not sending the message you want it to, and it may even be holding you back. If you are unhappy with your smile, you are less likely to put yourself out there in certain situations, and others may be less likely to place their confidence in you. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants by your downtown Denver dentist can restore your smile and your confidence.

What are dental implants & how do they work?

Dental implants are tooth root replacements that are surgically implanted into the jawbone, and offer support for dental restorations like crowns, bridges, or dentures. Implants are made of a strong titanium alloy that fuses with the jawbone, offering unmatched support and stability for a brand new tooth replacement. The implant procedure usually consists of two appointments:

  1. The implant is surgically implanted with high-precision technology. A recovery period of about 3-6 months is required for the implant to successfully fuse with the jawbone.
  2. Once the implant is secured in place, we will take impressions and fit you with a brand new restoration.
  3. Viola! Your smile is not only complete in appearance, but in strength and stability. You can get back to living your life enjoying all of the foods you used to with ease.

Let's Get Started

If you have any questions about dental implants, or would like to schedule a consultation with your Denver implant dentist, Dr. Paini at Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry, please call or text us today. Our office is conveniently located in Downtown Denver!

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